Piercing, Bursting, Tunneling and HDD

Piercing, Bursting, Tunneling and HDD

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Prechlorinated pipe bursting provides new water mains without disturbing residents

Problem: Bloomfield Village in Oakland County, Michigan, was ready to replace water mains, but it wanted to do so with minimal interruption of water service to local residents. Space along street right-of-ways was also limited, so officials wanted to limit excavation. 

Solution: The village specified prechlorinated pipe bursting replacement in its plans and chose to upgrade the existing mains with 8- and 12-inch HDPE pipe. Pipe bursting specialist Bidigare Contractors was chosen for the job. For bursting operations, Bidigare Contractors used its own hydraulic pipe bursting machine from the HammerHead Trenchless HydroBurst line. Although the machine was capable of up to 100 tons of pulling force, Bidigare Contractors says the average burst required only about 20 tons.

Result: Bidigare Contractors replaced between 200 and 500 feet of pipe a day using this method. Residents were never without water service aside from the day the work was done. 

800-331-6653; www.hammerheadtrenchless.com 


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