Site Prep Can Be a Part of Your Company

Don’t shy away from using the more traditional equipment as well as your current vacuum excavators and drills

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With April already upon us, that means the warmer months are nearly here. The snow is melting, and you’re hopefully already starting to get some calls about upcoming work.

It’s time to get those vacuum excavators, directional drills, trenchers and other similar equipment ready to roll, but don’t forget about that yellow iron sitting in your yard too.

That’s right, for many of you the busy season will start off by doing site preparation work. You know, the time when you get to use the excavators, bulldozers, front-end loaders and whatever else is sitting out there.


Some of that site prep work will likely include trenches for pipe bursting or tunneling operations. Because of that, I want to stress safety again. All too often I see photos in my email or on social media of contractors working in trenches with no form of safety. No shoring boxes, dirt piles right next to the trench and so on.

We hear about trenching accidents happening often in this industry — far too often.

Right now, before the busy season really hits, is the perfect time to go over all of that safety stuff with your crews. What they should and shouldn’t be doing out here, what gear is required and so on.

Spend a day going through safety meetings or, better yet, 15 minutes every morning doing a rundown of the jobs that day and what to be aware of.


The site preparation time is also when you get a chance to go over the project with either the general contractor or subcontractors on the job. Find out where they are going to be staged and where they want your equipment.

Getting this communication handled early can save plenty of headaches in the future. If something does go wrong, you then know who to go to.


Yes, this is one of our few issues where the focus is on more of the traditional excavation equipment and tools in our Product Focus, but don’t skip those pages because of that if you only focus on vacuum excavation or directional drilling.

Chances are you’ve ran across instances where that equipment would have come in handy. Take a look at what’s out there and what could help your company in the long run.


What projects are you taking on this year? Is there a big job you’d like to tell our readers about that your company is handling this spring and summer? Or maybe one from the last couple years?

We’re looking for more Down & Dirty submissions. Send me an email at or call me at 715-350-8436 and tell be about that project.

Enjoy this issue!


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