Product Spotlight - August 2019

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No utility worker’s life should end in a trench. Cave-ins during excavation work are some of the most common and grisliest causes of worker fatalities, yet they are entirely preventable. The LowPro 15/10 trench cover system from Oxford Plastics can be part of those preventive steps.

The LowPro 15/10 uses a Flexi-Edge system to greatly reduce trip hazards for pedestrians and to reduce unwanted movement. The product was originally designed to support a load of one wheel of a 7,716-pound vehicle, over a 35.4-inch span, and to use the LowPro technology. In most site configurations, the product will not need to be fixed in place, which reduces installation time and the costs of reinstatement, reducing the need to use steel plates in driveway applications.

“This is all on a product that offers an easy two-person lift,” says Sheila Sardinha, sales/marketing/organizational manager for Oxford Plastics USA. “It is far easier to lift and install than steel plates, as there is no need for heavy-lifting equipment.”

The increased loading and design also enables the product to be used in pedestrian applications that require a span up to 47.25 inches. The design, developed in collaboration with utilities and contractors alike, provides a single product that works in multiple applications. Stability is increased thanks to its PVC anti-slip edge and higher load rating. Because it is lighter than steel road plates, it is easier to maneuver and transport for driveway applications. The product’s inner yellow section is made from a durable glass-reinforced composite, and while it is designed to be stable without anchoring, it can be anchored if site conditions require it.

“The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the LowPro, is actually made from a soft, flexible rubber material that grips the surface, reducing unwanted movement, noise pollution and noise complaints,” Sardinha says. “The rubber edges can be replaced to extend the life of the LowPro as well.”

Gas vents and a probe hole are designed into the shock-resistant product. The covers can also be personalized with a corporate color and logo on the flexible edge.

“Our customers love that these help remove injury, stress and worry from the job site,” Sardinha says. “They’ve told us that they offer so many advantages that they have truly transformed their operations.”




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