Success Stories - August 2019

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Pit-launched HDD completes difficult water main installation


An aging 12-inch cast iron water main needed to be replaced in Overland Park in Johnson County, Kansas. The project took place under a highly traveled street, and because of the traffic count, a trenchless method was needed that could install the main without lane closures.


A pit-launched, mini directional drill from TT Technologies was chosen. These drills are compact and function well in tight working conditions. The one utilized by WaterOne, the public water utility, measures 54 inches long, 43 inches wide and 57 inches tall and provides 13,489 pounds of thrust and pulling force, 553 ft-lbs of torque, and typical bore lengths up to 150 feet. A pulling pit was established at the southern end of the street, while the launch pit was located within the curb radius, on the edge of the road, heading north. Over four days, drilling and reaming were completed. A 1 3/4-inch pilot bore was completed on the first day in approximately 2 1/2 hours. A 10-inch reaming pass was completed on Day Two. On Day Three, a 14-inch reaming pass was completed in approximately six hours. On Day Four, crews completed a final 18-inch reaming pass. 

Result: A 60-foot string of new PVC pipe was assembled and readied for pullback. The first 60-foot section was pulled in without incident. The remaining 40 feet was pulled back in two 20-foot sections. From start to finish, the project took one week to complete. 800-533-2078;

Pump used for bentonite pumping with horizontal directional drilling

Problem: Welvreugd Drilling, a Dutch pipeline construction company, was in need of a pump to pump bentonite, a type of clay with a fine structure that is mixed with water and used as a drilling fluid in tunnel construction to cool the drill head, remove the drill cuttings and stabilize the tunnel.

Solution: The company purchased a new BBA Pumps mobile bentonite pump for use in its horizontal directional drilling. The pump is used to pump the mixture from the recycler through the hollow pipe into the borehole.

Result: The operator can now clean all crucial pump parts both during and after the pumping process via an internal flushing system, which prevents pump damage. 843-849-3676;


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