Sharing Your Company's Story Benefits All

Small and large companies have tips others can learn from. Why not share them?

We’ve written about companies of all different sizes in Dig Different magazine, from small operations with two or three employees, all the way up to large companies with more than a hundred employees.

Each company has a story to share, whether it’s lessons learned, how the company is diversifying or how it has grown. There is always something to take away from the stories.

In this issue and the November/December issue, we’re profiling some large companies. It’s always interesting to hear how they started off as a small operation and grew enormously over the years. They have some great tips that other companies — of all sizes — can take away.


In this issue, we’re highlighting Thompson Industrial Services, based in Sumter, South Carolina. This industrial cleaning and vacuum excavation contractor has about 1,000 employees and serves the Gulf Coast and Southeast U.S. region.

You’ll be impressed as you read about its extensive safety program. The program didn’t start overnight and it is hard work to do, but it pays off. As of May this year, the company hasn’t had any recordable or lost-time injuries, even as total employee hours worked increased.

As Dean Kuhlman, who is the director of safety and quality for the company, says, “That’s a crazy statistic in our industry.”

It is a crazy statistic, but it’s a great one to share. The story talks about how the company uses its safety program, what the different aspects of the program are and what it means to the customers they work for.


In our November/December issue, we’ll move from the East Coast to West Coast and profile California’s Nor-Cal Pipeline Services. It’s an interesting story of how a company started off small but quickly grew into a large company.

Nor-Cal offers not only vacuum excavation services, but also sewer inspection and CIPP work. The company also has a strong focus on safety.

By reading both of these profiles, you’ll start to see what truly makes a company succeed and how you can incorporate that into your own business, especially if you are one of many who are just launching this year or in the near future.


Neither of these companies — even when they were starting out — were shy about trying new technologies or new ways of doing things. That is what makes a company grow: trying something new and learning from it, even if it fails at first.

If a company isn’t trying something new every now and then, how will they continue to grow? Isn’t that the goal of many of your companies out there — growth and more revenue? It’s time to try new things then. Start by flipping through the pages of Dig Different, reading what other contractors are doing and using some variation of those ideas.


I’m sure you have something you could share with the industry — perhaps tips on ways to do jobs, starting a safety program or managing staff — why not share that with others? I’d love to hear your ideas. You can email me at or call me at 715-350-8436.

Enjoy this issue!


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