Product Spotlight - November 2020

Product Spotlight - November 2020

Mobile solution connects the field and office

Hand-held devices have enabled people to practically carry their lives around in their pocket. They organize everything from email to schedules and meetings. Now Spira Data Corp. offers a digital solution that puts an entire business in the palm of your hand. The Operations Resource Platform, or ORP, allows organizations to gather, distribute and analyze information from operations by digitally linking the field and office, creating a trusted source-record for revenue, cost, compliance, utilization and scheduling.

Spira’s ORP consists of distinct but interrelated parts that can be used together or independently, decreasing the resources required to efficiently and effectively complete work distributed in the field for oil field, construction, logistics and global oil and gas operators sharing timely, accurate data. In an industry where margins are critical, Spira’s products decrease the cost of executing widely distributed fieldwork, reducing the resources required to complete the work and drive increased profits.

“Our intention was to provide a one-stop program for all business needs,” says Megan Vinthers, business development manager for Spira. “The program itself has evolved as the industry has evolved.”

The program consists of Spira Connect, which enables a digital transformation of the supply chain. This feature is used by contractors to digitally create and send purchase and work orders for internal and external work to the right suppliers and departments. It also lets the user digitally receive invoices and field tickets containing financial and operational data for automated validation and approval workflow. Spira On Time enables the digital transformation of facility scheduling to share scheduling and dispatch duties with multiple suppliers and departments for deliveries, personnel and work for a variety of needs within multiple locations. Spira Field Services is used by field service companies to proactively monitor, manage and audit all company activities from bid to invoice by capturing, validating and distributing revenue, cost and compliance information from the field and office for personnel, equipment, and materials to quickly and accurately produce invoices and backup required. Finally, Spira LiveJobsite proactively monitors, manages and audits the access of personnel, equipment and materials to facilities, sites, areas and locations, distributing administration and compliance requirements to those who are responsible.

“The end goal with this product is to, in essence, shorten the time frame from work to income,” Vinthers says. “That increased efficiency solidifies cash flow in an organization.”


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