Utility Contractor Recommends This Moneymaking Road Plate

Composite road plates have given utility contractors a cost-effective and safe way to cover trenches. The LowPro 23/05 RoadPlate in particular is a tool Anchor Construction Vice President Dan Buckley calls “pure money.”

“I gain anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes more a day because I’m not having to use my excavator or boom trucks to lift the steel plates and get them in place,” says Buckley. Due to its modular design, the composite road plate from Oxford Plastics is light enough to be installed by two people. 

Contractors can save money with the composite road plates, according to Buckley. “There’s no cold patch on the edges, as these are tapered edges,” he says.

The LowPro RoadPlate also has sound-dampening edges, eradicating noise complaints from the clanging and banging sounds as vehicles pass over. And since the RoadPlate was designed for this specific purpose, it helps reduce liability claims. It’s easy to secure, featuring recessed bolt holes and lateral lock pins that sit within the trench to prevent lateral movement.

A recommended product

It’s understandable why utilities and Department of Transportation personnel in Washington, D.C., and New York City recommend using composite modular road plates. The LowPro RoadPlate from Oxford Plastics is HS20-44 certified, saving companies time and money while decreasing liability.

New to the LowPro RoadPlate is Oxford’s Asset Tracking System, which keeps track of RoadPlates on the job site, in the warehouse or in transit.

Oxford Plastics USA is a manufacturer of award-winning, Health & Safety-compliant site safety solutions, including road plates, trench covers, barriers, ground protection mats and temporary fence solutions.

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