Rival Hydrovac — a Canadian based supplier of cost-effective, efficient and lightweight hydrovac vehicles — has grown quickly since 2016. A major factor in the rapid growth of Rival is increased awareness and enforcement of the loaded weights of some hydrovac units.

Rival is mindful of keeping the truck as easy to operate as possible. The company’s tandem T7 trucks are just over 30 feet in total length. Both models come with Allison Automatic Transmissions. Rival utilizes high-performance components in an effort to provide a competitively performing unit with a smaller footprint and lighter weight.

The Rival T7 tandem was designed primarily to be a unit that could be loaded with debris and drive within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. Additionally, the unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights both in the cab and on the wireless remote to confirm weights prior to travel. The company has recently added an optional air compressor to the T7. These air units also have the hydro features any other Rival truck would have. The compressor is a dual-pressure VANAIR unit, allowing a setting for tooling and another for air excavation.

The Rival T10 unit is the larger brother of the T7 unit. The T10 comes on three different chassis configurations, depending on the jurisdiction it will operate within. Rival is also offering the air package on this size unit. The T10 offers additional debris and water capacities. It has a larger boom and more blower.

Modern features

Rival strives to continually add features to address customer needs as the company learns of challenges faced in the field. Auxiliary hydraulic outlets are available that will allow for the operation of hydraulic tools utilizing the system already on the truck. The real-time truck weights are displayed both in the cab of the truck and on the remote. The boom has a shut-off valve and the blower can be run in pressure or vacuum modes to allow for pressure off-loading into another truck or tank.  

All Rival trucks are fully equipped to work in the winter, featuring cabinet heaters, heated valves and a purge/glycol system for the water pump and boiler.

Rival also has several important safety features, including a retractable railing atop the unit, D-ring tie-off locations, a grounding rod, traffic cones and an emergency shutdown system.  

Rival includes just about everything you will need to go to work. These accessories include a poly dig tube with neoprene end, multiple dig tube extensions, all clamps, two wash wands with nozzles, dig wand extensions, a spare handheld remote and a wand for washing the vehicle and washing out the tank.

Rival units are distributed by Transwest Trucks in the United States and a Transwest sister company, Summit Truck Equipment in Canada. Transwest and Summit offer parts, service and training as required. Rentals and in-house financing are also available.

Rival Hydrovac develops trucks designed to address size and weight challenges in the hydrovac industry, allowing contractors and municipalities to fill the debris body with most materials and scale the truck legally.

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