Vac-Con’s X-Cavator CXT Is Ready to Meet the Demands of Any Application

The legacy Vac-Con vacuum excavator — the X-Cavator CXT — is a simple, user- and maintenance-friendly unit ideal for contractor and municipal operations.

The overall design of the CXT is based on the hydrostatic drive system, allowing for the elimination of blower idle time. Unlike direct-drive traditional units, the CXT blower does not start turning until the water or vacuum systems are engaged. This decreases the amount of heat being generated from an idling blower and extends the life of the component.

Independent control of the water system is hydrostatically driven from the front PTO and rated for 20 gpm at 4,000 psi.

The CXT is available with either a positive displacement blower or three-stage centrifugal compressor fan to power the vacuum system. Dual cyclonic separators and a removable cartridge and final filter housing comprise the filtration system.

A simplified passenger-side-mounted control panel features throttle switch operations for all unit systems. The CXT is also available with a wireless remote that controls all system functions. This device features integrated batteries inside of the remote control, which are charged magnetically on the cab dashboard. These are considered permanent batteries that don’t need replacing and are safe from environmental corrosion and dirt. In addition, the elimination of a battery compartment reduces entry points for water, which can quickly decommission a remote control.

Easy maintenance

Components on the CXT are easily accessible and centrally located, ideal for maintenance needs. Water pump components are available behind a removable panel located just below the mainframe. The blower is located at midbody with an eye-level fluid indicator, eliminating the need for operators to go under the truck to verify levels.

An optional catwalk component is available to be mounted onto the side of the debris tank. This feature is ideal for simplified hydraulic and boom maintenance access.

The CXT is available with up to 1,300 gallons of water capacity in cross-linked polyethylene water tanks that carry a standard 10-year warranty.

PowerFlex boom option

Upgrade the CXT with the telescoping PowerFlex boom option, designed to give the operator a greater range of motion and control. The PowerFlex boom is an innovative component that boasts a total reach of 28 feet in length, 34 feet of upward lift, 110 degrees of articulation and 315 degrees of rotation. Top-mounted on the debris tank, PowerFlex can be operated at the front, sides and back of the machine. PowerFlex allows the operator to work difficult angles and covers more ground than a traditional boom. The ability to sweep and rake with the boom is great for long trenching. In addition, PowerFlex is easier to operate than boom hoses made of flexible material, which require a lot of manual handling and management.  

The capabilities and power of the X-Cavator CXT are designed to make the operator’s job easier, while bringing the best in power and performance to the job. The CXT is available in a range of configurations and options ready to meet the demands of any operator, any application and any job site, according to Vac-Con.

Vac-Con Inc. has since 1986 manufactured more than 9,000 custom-built, truck-mounted machines to serve public and private environmental markets globally. Located in Green Cove Springs, Florida, the company is one of the largest producers of sewer cleaning equipment in North America.

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