Time Clock Tracks Employees, Equipment

Time Clock Tracks Employees, Equipment
TimeSummit 1.4 from ExakTime

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TimeSummit 1.4 is the latest version of ExakTime’s time tracking software hub that sorts and manages time records, generating more than 40 digital reports, including cost management, site performance and overtime hours. Designed for outdoor use, ExakTime’s scalable paperless time clock system tracks employee hours and location, as well as job site expenses, such as tools, supplies and travel costs.

“What makes our solutions different is we have three types of clocks that send data to TimeSummit,” says Casey Powers, vice president of marketing for ExakTime. “There is ExakTime Mobile, an app that runs on all popular smartphones and tablets. There is our wireless JobClock Hornet that stays at the job site. Workers clock in and out with key tabs; every hour, records are transmitted back to the office to TimeSummit. And we have our JobClock/EX, which stays at the job site as well. That clock is extremely rugged. We’ve shot it with a shotgun, buried it in concrete, and at every one of our trade shows it’s frozen in ice and still works.”

ExakTime’s mobile app enables workers to clock in at the job site by touching the green “Go” icon on their smartphone and clock out by touching the red “Stop” icon. GPS tracking sends data to TimeSummit, confirming workers are at the correct location. A red indicator in TimeSummit notes when a worker has clocked in or out away from their designated job site. At the same time, FaceFront Biometrics, for devices with front-facing cameras, takes a photo of the worker clocking in, enabling management to identify workers clocking in at the job site.

Cost codes also enable managers to track individual tasks.

“For example, in mining, let’s say you’re doing pipefitting,” Powers says. “You can clock in and out with a cost code showing that this is your activity during that period, until you clock back in with a different cost code. We also have equipment managing where a piece of equipment stays with him throughout the day. So you’re tracking worker time and equipment time.”

Field Notes enable workers to record job site photos, audio and text with their smartphones, creating instant and secure documentation in TimeSummit.

“If you’re at the mine and a piece of equipment gets damaged, you can use Field Notes to securely document the damage. If you’re low on supplies, you can take a picture or record a description of the items that need replacing and send the information to TimeSummit,” he says.

Notes remain tied to the individual and job site for later review.

Another software feature, employee curtaining, enables managers to view only the employees and job site they need to track, rather than the entire database. 877/435-6411; www.exaktime.com.


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