The Latest Products: July 2018

Here's a look at some of the latest products in the industry

The Latest Products: July 2018

The MUD Hub slurry solidification system from Vermeer helps create stackable material for convenient transfer and disposal.

Vermeer MUD Hub slurry solidification system
The MUD Hub slurry solidification system from Vermeer helps create stackable material for convenient transfer and disposal. With the MUD Hub, vacuum excavator operators drive over the swing-open hatch above the Vermeer 2,000-gallon ST2000 slat tank, designed for excavator dumping, to empty their tanks without having to back up to a pit. The swing-open hatch makes the process more efficient and reduces excess splattering. The slurry is then routed up the 84-inch variable-speed conveyor where it is then loaded into the 750-gallon infeed hopper of the solidification mixer. The MUD Hub can be operated by one person from multiple control station locations for job site flexibility. 641-628-3141;

MB Crusher MB-S23 trommel screening attachment
MB Crusher’s MB-S23 is the largest trommel screening attachment designed for excavators weighing more than 77,200 pounds. Similar to MB’s other screening attachments, the MB-S23 has a basket with a conical-shaped back to increase hourly production and sift through various types of material. MB’s screening attachments do not require a drainage hose. The MB-S23 has a load capacity of 5.6 cubic yards and can be equipped with an iron separator and dust suppression kit. It has interchangeable panels that are available in different screen sizes, depending on the needs of the job. They are designed to screen natural material, such as quarry residue, dry soil, and river stone, to be reused at the job site. 855-622-7874;

Felling Trailers Utility Pole trailers
The new Utility Pole trailers from Felling Trailers come in three lengths: 20 feet retracted to 30 feet extended, 24 feet retracted to 40 feet extended, and 29 feet retracted to 46 feet extended. Payload capacities from 7,980 up to 36,600 pounds are available. Electric brakes are standard and all can be equipped with air brakes if needed. Equipped with a 2-inch cold-rolled steel, positive-locking adjustment pin and designed with a notched flange welded on the pin, the flange notches have to pass through two tabs welded 90 degrees from each other ensuring a positive locked position. Multiple load securement points are located down the mainframe rail, and three D-rings provide ideal tie-down points for the material being carried in the cargo area. 866-213-2949;


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