Year in Review: The Most-Read Articles of 2019

Year in Review: The Most-Read Articles of 2019

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As the year comes to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2019.

10. Adjusting to Generational Differences in the Workplace
We live in an age where many generations occupy the same shifting workplace, and the attitudes and perspectives of those different generations have to factor into your management style. This article looked at how to tweak your management style to ensure your employees are functioning as a team no matter what the age diversity is. 

9. Waste Processing Facility Expansion Provides New Opportunities
JG Environmental of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was featured in the April issue. This online-only story took a look at how the company’s ability to process its own waste has been significant, allowing it to bill itself as a one-stop shop for its environmental waste customers.

8. The Reasons Construction Companies Fail
Roughly two-thirds of construction companies go out of business within five years. The author of this piece discussed seven common factors behind such business failures. Make sure none of them are holding your company back from realizing its full potential.

7. Ambitious Tunneling Project Saves Nature Preserve
During the summer, the city of Clifton, New Jersey, successfully relocated a failing sewer line running through the heart of a state-designated wilderness area while appeasing local environmentalists by minimizing the impact. This article covered all the details of the project.

6. Pipe Bursting System Provides Profitability for Contractor, Value for Customers
All contractors are interested in tools and equipment that can improve profitability, so this article received a lot of views. Paul Williams, owner of an excavation company in Ackley, Iowa, discussed a pipe bursting system that has been particularly valuable to his business.

5. 7 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Contractors
With the rise of technology in an increasingly paperless world, all types of people are trying to transition into the digital era, and that includes the excavation world. Smartphones and tablets are becoming commonplace on job sites, and this article takes a look at seven mobile apps that can benefit operations.

4. Smaller Units Attractive For Contractors Trying to Tap the Hydroexcavation Market
Immediately investing in a large hydrovac unit isn’t always feasible for contractors, especially when they’re just getting started in vacuum excavation. That’s why many are opting for smaller trailer-mounted units and manufacturers are responding to companies’ needs. This article looked closer at this trend.

3. Tracked Hydroexcavators Provide Environmentally Friendly Solution to Customers
Minnesota’s GreenWay Environmental was featured in the March issue. This online-only article looked at how the company is able to tackle jobs in environmentally sensitive areas thanks to its tracked hydrovac units.

2. Texas Man Survives Trench Collapse
Trench collapse incidents always serve as good reminders of important safety lessons that cannot be emphasized enough because of the potentially fatal consequences. Thankfully this particular lesson from May also had a happy ending.

1. The Value of a Professional Utility Locator
This article extolling the importance of not only utility locating ahead of an excavation job but of doing so with the proper equipment and training was the most-read article of 2019.


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