Powerful Vacuum Equipment for Your Excavation Application

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Powerful Vacuum Equipment for Your Excavation Application

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Vacuum excavation is the safest and most accurate method for locating underground utilities. At some point in the future, it may even become the standard, mandated application on every utility job site. In today’s market, contractors have a number of options to choose from, but power and efficiency are key when choosing the right unit for your application. RAMVAC is a leading manufacturer of vacuum excavation equipment and offers a complete lineup of hydro and air excavation trucks.

RAMVAC HX Hydroexcavator

With large capacity and great features, the RAMVAC HX hydroexcavator provides powerful vacuum output and high-pressure water in a conventionally sized vacuum excavator. RAMVAC’s full-size hydroexcavator offers debris body sizes from 9 to 15 cubic yards, while the mid-size truck delivers big vacuum power in a compact footprint with 3 and 6 cubic yard debris body offerings. On average, RAMVAC trucks offers an approximately 36-inch shorter footprint and a payload capacity 2,500 pounds greater than that of many competitor brands. The 8-inch vacuum system features a 4,400-5,400 cfm and 18-28 inches Hg blower capacity, providing all the vacuum power needed for any application. The water system includes a 1,300-gallon water tank, 10 gpm at 2,500 psi water pump and 400,000 Btu water heater, all located inside an 80,000 Btu heated enclosure. The directional discharge system allows operators to off-load debris back into a container or back into the excavation site when the job is done — without the mess of dumping your tank. This system also features a reversible blower, allowing operators to blow any obstructions out of the dig hose while still staying in full operation. Other great features include a long-range wireless remote, NEMA 4 electrical system, upgraded 800,000 Btu water heater, three-stage cyclonic filtration system, vacuum enhancer, hydrostatic blower drives and a 10-micron final filter. RAMVAC’s Dig Deep boom carries powerful airflow while providing its operator the ability to dig 10 feet below grade.

RAMVAC AX Air Excavator

The RAMVAC AX air excavator is mounted on a Class 6 chassis, making the AX a non-CDL vehicle. Due to its single-engine design, operators can excavate with both air and water, effectively requiring only one truck. Additionally, all AX water systems are contained within a single heated enclosure for cold-weather application. This truck offers different hose size for different applications; 4-inch systems available for potholing and 6-inch systems for major excavation. RAMVAC offers blower capacities of 1,400-3,000 cfm at 18-28 inches Hg. Standard payload capacities for the AX truck is 5,000 to 12,000 pounds. Its hydraulic rear door allows operators to dump spoils quickly and easily. With its powerful vacuum, the AX allows you to customize your blower to achieve the results you need in any application. The AX series also comes standard with RAMVAC’s Dig Deep boom. From tool storage to operation controls, this air excavation truck was designed to make overall operation and maintenance simple.

RAMVAC units, like all Sewer Equipment products, are easy to operate and maintain. All major functions and maintenance points are accessible from ground level for increased operator safety. Additionally, 12-volt electrical controls and manual hand valves allow for any required troubleshooting to be done in the field, which simplifies maintenance. Due to the simple design, replacement parts are readily available at any standard hardware store and don’t require computer troubleshooting due to the use of standard electrical relays.

Rock Equipment Sales & Rentals

Rock Equipment Sales & Rentals understands the cost of new equipment can be a barrier to entry for contractors. With a full fleet of rental and used equipment, you can find the equipment you need, at a price you can afford, available for immediate delivery. To ensure the equipment will fit your application, Rock Equipment provides equipment demonstrations prior to purchase. Before delivery, every piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected and serviced by our team of certified mechanics to ensure machine reliability and safety. Factory-trained service technicians are available to perform maintenance or repairs on site at your location or at one of Rock Equipment’s certified service centers across the United States. Whether you need a short-term rental, a lease program or rent-to-purchase utilizing a tiered-equity buyout, Rock Equipment works with nationally recognized finance institutions to find creative financing solutions to fit the needs of our customers.

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