The Right Vacuum Excavation Equipment for Your Specific Application

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The Right Vacuum Excavation Equipment for Your Specific Application

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HX Hydroexcavator

The RAMVAC hydrovac truck series’ most popular models offer debris body sizes from 9-15 cubic yards. However, the mid-size truckstouting 3- and 6-cubic-yard debris capacities, deliver big vacuum power with a smaller footprint. On average, RAMVAC trucks offer a footprint approximately 36 inches shorter and a payload capacity 2,500 pounds greater than that of similar trucks. The 8-inch vacuum system features a 4,400-5,400 cfm at 18 to 28 inches Hg blower capacity, as well as cyclone separation, a vacuum enhancer, directional discharge, hydrostatic blower drives and a 10-micron final filter. For the water system, the 1,300-gallon water tank, 10 gpm at 2,500 psi water pump and 400,000 Btu water heater, are all located inside an 80,000 Btu heated enclosure. RAMVAC understands that trucks are not a one-size-fits-all, which is why it offers a wide variety of debris body sizes, blower sizes, water systems and chassis configurations.

Tempest Industrial Vac Truck

Utilizing innovative and proven vacuum technology, the Tempest industrial air mover from RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment is capable of removing dry and liquid materials over a long distance and from great depths. This unit delivers maximum vacuum efficiency even in the toughest working conditions. While utilizing high suction from a 28 inches Hg 5,500 cfm positive displacement blower through an 8-inch system, this unit offers many exclusive features.

The Tempest’s exclusive self-discharging filter system provides automatic interval cleaning of the filter house during vacuum operations. This system significantly reduces the downtime associated with premature cleaning of the baghouse when the debris box is not full. The Tempest allows operators to keep working, while recognizing maximum debris capacity. Additionally, its hydraulically powered articulating extendable knuckleboom is exclusive in the marketplace. With 270-degree range of motion and 16 foot working length, this boom hinges back and forth, providing maximum support of the vacuum tube for increased operator ergonomics as well as cleaning efficiency.

Standard with a fully opening rear door, the Tempest only requires one dump to eliminate all debris within the debris box. With a standard 50-degree dump angle and 50-inch clearance from splash plate to the ground, this air mover machine allows for the easy and effective off-loading of material into roll-off containers or any desired dump locations.

The Tempest comes with a wide variety of options to fit the needs of every operator. The addition of a hydroexcavation package gives operators access to water when the application requires it. 

AX Air Excavator

Offered on a Class 6 chassis, the AX doesn’t require a CDL certification to drive or operate. Due to its single-engine design, operators can excavate with both air and water, effectively requiring only one truck. Additionally, all AX water systems are contained within a single heated enclosure for cold-weather application.

This truck also provides the ability to pothole using a 4-inch port, or perform major excavating using a 6-inch port. Also, the AX series offers standard payload capacities from 5,000 to 12,000 pounds. Its hydraulic rear door allows operators to dump spoils quickly and easily. With a powerful vacuum, the AX series allows you to customize your blower to achieve the results you need in any application. RAMVAC offers a variety of blower capacities, including 18 or 28 inches Hg, 1,400 or 3,000 cfm. For hose size, the standard diameter can be 4 or 6 inches. Most noteworthy is RAMVAC’s Dig Deep boom, which carries powerful airflow while providing its operator the ability to dig 10 feet below grade.

From tool storage to operation controls, this air excavation truck was designed to make overall operation and maintenance simple. All major functions and maintenance points are accessed from a ground level for increased operator safety. Additionally, 12-volt electrical controls and manual hand valves allow for on-site troubleshooting in the field and quick maintenance, as replacement parts are readily available at any standard hardware store. The AX series is the tool you need for any air digging application.

Catch Basin Cleaner

The catch basin cleaner series from RAMVAC is a tandem axle (18,000 pound GVWR) vacuum trailer that features a 6-cubic-yard debris box with 1/4-inch extended steel construction. Additionally, it features a 320-degree working radius boom with a reach of 12 to 17 feet, a Kohler 134 hp Tier IV Final diesel engine, 6-inch vacuum system with 2,400 cfm and 18-inch blower, cyclone separation and 10-micron final filter with a vacuum enhancer.

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