Keeping Busy Is Good for Your Company and Employees

Plenty of tasks can be done to prepare for the new year and could help the company grow if done correctly

The end of the year is finally in sight with just two months to get through. These last two months can be some of the busiest for you.

You might be done doing construction work for the year, but now it’s time to get caught up on paperwork you’ve been putting aside or to start getting your shop organized again after things were just tossed on the side because you and your crews were in a hurry. It might be time to start looking at projects for next summer that you might want to bid on, or it’s time to start window-shopping for that new piece of equipment.

Either way, it’s going to be a busy next two months for you and your team. There are three things you need to remember as 2019 draws to a close: Take some time away, aim for bigger and better next year, and start early.


The holidays are approaching and you’ve had a busy summer season. As busy as these next two months can be to wrap up year-end items, you can’t forget to give yourself and your team some time off to refresh.

That needed time off will help you stay focused, cut down on some of the stress you might have and get you fired up for the year ahead. Take a long-awaited family vacation, or take your team on a long weekend getaway somewhere.

The added benefit of including your team is showing them that you do care about them, and it builds teamwork for when you are out there in the field.


This last year was a great year for your company. Do you just stand still and hope for the same next year? No. You shoot for a bigger and better year than 2019. Go for the bigger projects or try to get more clients for your company.

You’re not going to be able to grow the company unless you set bigger goals each year. Don’t stand back and hope for more of the same without doing anything different. Your competition isn’t standing still; they are out there pushing to get your customers. You should be doing the same.

Some easy ways to do this could be increasing your advertising, increasing your presence on social media, and encouraging customers to share their experiences with your company with folks they may know.


Don’t wait until June to start planning for your 2020 construction season. You’re already too late by that time. You need to start planning as soon as 2020 arrives.

Keep an eye on local newspapers for bid requests from communities in your area, or reach out to city governments near you to see if there are upcoming projects. In the shop, start getting that equipment serviced and primed for the start of the construction season. Don’t wait until the last minute, otherwise you could be losing business.

This is where having a calendar drawn up indicating when to start these tasks and when to have them finished by will help. Your crew could easily see that you want equipment serviced by Feb. 15 and would have several weeks to do that. It’s better than telling them two days beforehand and making them rush.


As 2019 draws to a close, I’d like to know how you and your teams get ready for the next year. What are some projects you do during the “slow months” to stay busy and keep crews working?

Email me at or call 715-350-8436. I look forward to hearing from you.

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