Product Spotlight - November 2019

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A good vacuum excavator can make jobs easier, safer, faster and more efficient. It can help a company cast a wider net for project opportunities. But a unit is only as good as the accessories used with it — including the nozzle. An effective hydroexcavation nozzle needs to be durable enough to handle tough environments and big water pressure. The Hydro X from Enz USA is designed to fit the bill.

“The new Hydro X has been designed specifically for the hydroexcavating industry,” says Dana Hicks, Enz USA’s sales manager. “Manufactured with a durable steel construction, it is lightweight for the operator while providing a powerful oscillating front jet.”

The Hydro X offers high removal performance, with low wear due to tungsten carbide construction. It comes with a repair kit for quick and easy maintenance. This specialty nozzle will flow from 4 to 20 gpm at pressures up to 4,000 psi, specifically designed for the operator’s hydroexcavation truck or trailer.

“With all of the underground utilities — electrical, fiber optics, TV cables, water mains, sewer mains, and oil and gas pipelines — it is critical that the cities, contractors and utility companies have the proper tools to unearth these lines when repairs are needed, with absolutely no chance for injury or loss of life to the operators,” Hicks says. “We believe we’ve accomplished that with this nozzle.”

According to Hicks, the research phase to arrive at this particular model has been ongoing. Enz USA develops several new nozzles every year to serve different industries, and constant communication is the key to their development. 

“We listened to our end users to come up with the best Hydro X nozzle we could design,” he says. “It is durable, affordable and works.”

According to Hicks, not only was the nozzle extensively tested in-house, the feedback garnered from a beta-test phase provided immense value.

“Ten people were chosen to test the prototype Hydro X nozzle. We wanted this nozzle used and abused, to break it if possible,” he says. “The feedback was outstanding. Most if not all of the end users did not want to give it back and anxiously waited for their replacement to arrive.”



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