Ditch Witch Releases ‘World’s Largest’ All-Terrain Directional Drill

Ditch Witch — a pioneer in the world of heavy-duty machinery — has just released what it claims is the world’s largest all-terrain directional drill: the AT120. This beast of a machine boasts 15,500 foot-pounds of rotational torque, 3,000 foot-pounds of inner rotational torque, and another 120,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, making it a full 50% more powerful than the company’s previous model, the AT100. All that extra power lets operators handle a wider array of projects, navigate through larger bores and manage large-diameter installations with incredible efficiency. 

At its heart, the AT120 is powered by a robust 280 hp Cummins Stage V diesel engine, a powerhouse that propels this monster drill through long bores and complex installs. Despite all that power, however, the Cummins Stage V meets European emissions standards for cleaner job sites, and the drill’s advanced Ditch Witch technology enables rock drilling at a low fluid level, meaning environmental impact and job site waste are both significantly reduced. 

All this means that the AT120 will deliver enough power to push through solid rock with ease, and as Ditch Witch’s largest AT drill yet, it also helps push Ditch Witch users to larger-scale jobs that typically require maxi-rigs and other equipment. 

Maximize your productivity

Beyond its raw strength, the AT120 was made with uptime in mind, and its design elements are geared toward maximizing efficiency, performance and productivity. One standout feature is the integrated 20-foot end-to-end drill pipe and dual-rod box design, which allows operators to install more pipe in the ground in one go and add or remove pipe as necessary, significantly improving their productivity.

Other technology enhancements include a patent pending Virtually Assisted Makeup and Breakout solution, which ensures the drill pipe and tooling are at the correct levels observed by the torque gauge during a bore and makes it easier for operators to make up and break out tool joints without the need for floats and sensors. 

All that uptime is improved even more by the AT120’s durable parts. A SaverLok design protects the drill pipe and drive system from everyday wear and tear, and a brand new engine compartment and access panel provide access to the critical components that require the most frequent upkeep. This streamlined maintenance routine reduces downtime even more, and ensures that the AT120 is always ready for action. 

Additionally, the AT120 is user friendly. As the first production unit in the Ditch Witch lineup to feature a multimode joystick, the drill allows operators to set the controls to their style of drilling, meaning that time spent in training can be reduced dramatically. On top of this, the AT120 shares a common feature with the latest Ditch Witch family of horizontal directional drills: a cab intended to enhance operator comfort and ease of use. 

Ditch Witch was founded in Perry, Oklahoma in 1949, and has carved out a reputation for its commitment to crafting industry-leading products. The AT120 is a shining example of this commitment, a product that’s redefining the limits of what’s possible in directional drilling.



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