Pipeline Rehabilitation/Lining - Vortex Quadex Lining System

The Quadex Lining System, featuring GeoKrete Geopolymer, from Vortex restores large-diameter pipes, culverts and tunnels of all types, including corrugated metal, concrete, brick and stone. The chemical composition of GeoKrete makes it inherently resistant to microbial-induced corrosion prevalent in sewer environments. GeoKrete has also received Reduced Carbon Footprint certification by SCS Global Services. Featuring a combination of advanced application technology and GeoKrete, the system ensures a fully structural renewal. GeoKrete can also be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations — an advantage when inclement conditions call for a pause in the installation. Since it can be centrifugally cast, spray or trowel applied, it is able to line round and nonround shapes, as well as navigate bends and obstructions. 855-949-3441; www.vortexcompanies.com


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