Maintenance: Best Way to Keep Your Auger Boring Machines Working

On top of these scheduled items, contractors should do a visual inspection of their machine before each use
Maintenance: Best Way to Keep Your Auger Boring Machines Working

The best way contractors can keep auger boring machines in working condition is to follow the equipment’s maintenance recommendations.

Michael Albers, president of Bor-It Manufacturing Co., says each manufacturer has its own maintenance checks, and it is vital contractors follow those to ensure the equipment works its best.

Contractors should always do a visual check of their equipment before each use, but at different points there are certain checks that need to be done, says American Augers President David Hammond.

With auger boring machines, equipment checks should be completed at different time-related milestones tied to usage rather than purchase date, Albers said.

Here’s a basic maintenance timeline for auger boring machines:

10-hour inspection and maintenance check:

  • Check fuel tank level (it should be full)
  • Check hydraulic hoses for frayed areas or leaks.
  • Check electrical system for broken wires or connectors.
  • Inspect gauges and instruments. Wipe off any dirt and replace any cracked or missing glass on controls.
  • Check emergency stop and safety switches to make sure they are working correctly.

50-hour check:

  • Complete the 10-hour maintenance and inspection checks plus:
    • Tighten all bolts holding the final drive to the frame and the coupling between the transmission and final drive.
    • Oil all push bar parts. The bar should be disassembled and cleaned periodically, especially after use in sticky clay conditions.

500-hour check:

  • Complete the 10- and 50-hour checks plus:
    • Grease the linkage on both sides of the clutch.
    • Drain and replace transmission oil, final drive oil and hydraulic oil. This work should be done with the cylinders retracted.

1,000-hour check:

  • Complete the 10-,50- and 1,000-hour checks plus:
    • Change engine oil and filters.
    • Perform engine maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s manual.


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