Cloud-Based Safety Compliance Reporting Cuts Down on Paperwork

Safety on the job is of the utmost importance, but unfortunately it also comes with a lot of compliance paperwork. Canada’s Axis Vac and HDD found a way to make that process as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Cloud-Based Safety Compliance Reporting Cuts Down on Paperwork

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Hydroexcavation and directional drilling work requires a lot of safety compliance paperwork.

At Axis Vac & HDD in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, owner Mitch Willie quickly learned that ensuring compliance with safety regulations was an immense hassle because it generated reams of paperwork that employees often lost or that got filed haphazardly.

But that all changed when the company started using a paperless, cloud-based technology called SiteDocs, developed by SiteDocs Safety Corp. It enables field operators to call up digitized compliance forms on their cellphones and the software keeps track of everything from safety training to truck inspections, Willie says.

“I’m usually a paper guy, but now we’ve gone to 99.99% digital with SiteDocs,” he says. “It’s been a game-changer for us in terms of time saved and efficiency. We don’t have lost paperwork anymore because everything is uploaded to the cloud. Before this, when clients needed compliance reports, we’d have to search for them, scan them and then send them out. It was a lot of work.”

SiteDocs also made it much easier to see if equipment operators were reviewing the field-level hazard assessments at job sites, which every equipment operator is required to review before starting work in order to identify site hazards and minimize accidents. Willie says he no longer has to call in-the-field operators to be sure they completed the report. Instead, he checks the reports on his cellphone.

“It really streamlines operations and takes away the human factor in organizing all that paperwork, which is a nightmare even on a good day,” he says. “Our safety coordinator can easily find out if all the compliance is getting done in a timely manner. It’s a big hit, especially with our big clients. Our guys like it, too, because most of them are younger and are tech savvy.”

The company pays a monthly fee of around $4,800 in Canadian currency (roughly $4,000 in United States dollars) for the service.

“It’s definitely worth every penny,” Willie says.

Read more about Axis Vac & HDD in the September/October 2021 issue of Dig Different magazine.


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