Simplicity achieved with compressor-powered industrial vacuum system

Simplicity achieved with compressor-powered industrial vacuum system
Simplicity achieved with compressor-powered industrial vacuum system

The Ferret vacuum system, unlike typical engine- or PTO-powered systems, is a lightweight, inexpensive and reliable alternative for contractors and utilities in industrial vacuuming.

To achieve this low-maintenance pump option, Vulcan Pumps strays from traditional vacuum machines with an air compression-powered system.

“The Ferret vacuum system is designed for general use, and can perform in all types of applications where an industrial vacuum system would be required,” says Bill Reeves, vacuum process specialist with Vulcan Pumps.

With no moving parts, the Ferret vacuum system has both lower up-front and operating costs, yet still provides 16 inches Hg using 100 psig compressed air.

“I monitored compressed air flow from various-size air compressors with industrial test equipment to size and construct the optimum nozzles for the ejector vacuum pump,” Reeves says.
The Ferret system can be used anywhere vacuuming is required, especially in excavations.

Reeves brought experience in the coal mining industry to design the Ferret system. “I designed, engineered, fabricated, installed and operated vacuum mining systems for the coal industry,” Reeves says. “With the collapse of the coal mining industry, I decided to use these ejector compressed air systems to market to contractors and the utility industry.”

The Ferret vacuum system comes with flexible 2-, 3- or 4-inch material-pickup hose, Ferret Cyclone container where conveyed material is dropped to the bottom of the cyclone and the conveying air is directed to the ejector and universal vacuum ejector, with compressed air discharged through a silencer or muffler.

“There is no economical vacuum system available to contractors and utilities. Electric-powered-fan vacuum systems will only produce 2 to 3 inches Hg. The air-powered ejectors will produce 16 inches Hg, and are an ideal tool for excavating where a backhoe cannot operate,” Reeves says. “Material can be dug with high-pressure water, compressed air-operated air knifes, jack hammers, etc.”

According to Reeves, typical industrial vacuum systems cost anywhere from $50,000 to $300,000, and most require an operator. The simplified vacuum systems from Vulcan Pumps cost between $10,000 and $30,000.



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