Lending a Safe Hand

Lending a Safe Hand

DECKHAND from LaValley Industries

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Jason LaValley knows full well what the dangers are when installing large pipe systems. Several years ago he witnessed that danger firsthand when a massive pipe crushed the ankle of one of the men on his pipeline crew. He figured there had to be a safer way to move and place large-diameter pipe. His sketch turned into the DECKHAND from LaValley Industries.

“I grew up in the horizontal directional drilling industry and originally invented DECKHAND after witnessing one of my friends be injured on a job site while working as a human deckhand,” says LaValley, the company’s president and founder.

The DECKHAND product line is designed to add an extra level of safety and efficiency to job sites by keeping ground crews farther away from danger zones. Rather than requiring personnel to manually position pipe or be in potentially dangerous proximity to moving equipment, the excavator-mounted unit can safely and efficiently load, unload, and position a variety of drill rod, pipe, poles, road mats, and other materials.

The excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic circuit powers the DECKHAND even in the most adverse weather conditions. Its 360-degree continuous rotation, tilt, and shift functions deliver unmatched load control and placement. The convenient in-cab display and joystick controls allow the operator to safely operate, monitor and adjust all functions from inside the excavator cab. Load-locking valves ensure the load is never dropped, regardless of hydraulic pressure. Additionally, an optional stick-mounted camera allows the operator to see in even the most difficult spaces.

“We work with contractors every day handling everything from drill rod to flexible pipe, mainline pipe, utility poles and more,” LaValley says.

DECKHAND’s modular design makes it easy to change out arms to accommodate different diameters and types of material. It can grip the load securely from an off-center position, allowing for more control in areas with tight accessibility. It is manufactured in several sizes allowing it to be easily used with any brand of excavator ranging in size from 19 to 75 metric tons. Based on the specific model, it can lift up to 50,000 pounds and has been designed to meet ASME below-the-hook lifting standards with a 3-1 safety ratio.

“It has been really satisfying to see so many different industries embrace DECKHAND as their preferred solution to material handling,” LaValley says. “Give it a try, and I promise you will be loading drill rod faster and safer than ever before.”

218-444-3030; www.lavalleyindustries.com


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