Success Stories - March 2022

Success Stories - March 2022

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Trenchless HDPE pipe minimizes impact of a new 7.5-mile sewer main


In 2020, the City Commission of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, approved a $65 million fund for the design and construction of a 7.5-mile-long pipe that will serve as a redundant wastewater transmission line. One challenge with the project was that sections of the pipe extension runs near or along streets and roadways as well as residential zones and neighborhoods. To help minimize the impact in these areas, engineers needed a pipe that could support underground horizontal directional drilling.


To overcome installation constraints, engineers chose to use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sewer pipes from AGRU America. In addition to being flexible and durable enough to support HDD, HDPE pipes are more resistant to corrosion and have fewer mechanical joints, which together help reduce long-term maintenance requirements. The robust piping system will also improve the infrastructure’s resilience to rising sea level and groundwater table.

RESULT  The new force main was completed without issue and set a record for one of the longest and largest HDD pressurized sewer pipe installations in the world, measuring 3,100 feet at an outside diameter of 54 inches. The installation required fusing about 23 sections of pipe as it was being pulled underground. 800-373-2478; 


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