Using a Vacuum Excavator for Digging Sign Post Holes

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Using a Vacuum Excavator for Digging Sign Post Holes

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SignCrafters of Central Florida used a Vac-Tron LP533SDT to safely excavate a 3-foot-diameter hole 8 feet deep for a concrete footer. They were installing a sign for a new medical center in Leesburg, Florida. The excavation took 40 minutes including setup and breakdown.

When digging a 3- to 4-foot-wide by 8-foot-deep hole for a sign post, using a vacuum excavator provides a safe and more efficient alternative to traditional digging. Vacuum excavation provides efficiency by storing all sand and debris into a storage tank for easy dumping and filling.

“A utility friendly way to dig,” says Dennis Martin, president of Sign Crafters of Central Florida. “When digging for posts using a Vac-Tron, you don’t have to worry about breaking utilities and slowing down your project.”

Save time, increase productivity and eliminate the chance of damaging underground utilities. Your crew running a vacuum excavator by Vac-Tron will increase job completions in a given day. Municipalities are using vacuum excavation for utility locates as well as working around roots for meter readings. The same logic applies when digging holes for commercial signs.

One recommended unit is the new Competitive Vac (CV) unit. It is hand-built in the U.S. from the ground up including the durable trailer assembly. The low-profile trailer keeps the components of the unit easily accessible while making the unit safe to tow.

  • Configuration: Available skid, trailer or truck mounted
  • Engine: 27 hp Kohler EFI gas engine
  • Vacuum pump: 580 cfm vacuum pump
  • Vacuum hose: 3-inch UV protected hose is standard, 4-inch option is available
  • Debris tank: 500, 800 or 1,200-gallon debris tank
  • Rear door: Hydraulically operated full open and locked rear door with auto-engage safety latch
  • Water tank capacity: Two 100-gallon water tanks with optional 300 and 400 gallons
  • Water pump: 3,500 psi, 4 gpm
  • Reverse pressure to off-load liquids and dislodge debris in hose is optional
  • Weight: CV 570 GT empty weight with trailer 5,360 pounds. CV 870 GT empty weight with trailer 6,140 pounds. 

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