Conduit, Pipe Installation/Repair

Conduit, Pipe Installation/Repair
CIPP equipment keeps jail within budget, disruption-free

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CIPP equipment keeps jail within budget, disruption-free

Problem: Rehabilitation of a sewer main running below four dormitories at Estrella Women’s Jail in Maricopa County, Arizona, came with some unusual job limitations. First, the work had to be performed at night but could not disturb the detainees, due to state law. The actual work window would be between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. During that time, the crew had to complete any run it started. Plus, project funding restricted overtime pay for necessary extra security, so the crew was allowed to work only on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights of two consecutive weeks.

Solution: Digging up the pipe would have required relocation of half Estrella’s inmates for the duration of the job, making CIPP rehabilitation the best choice for the county. Irontree Construction chose HammerHead Trenchless Equipment’s HydraLiner line of CIPP equipment and consumables. The first night began with jet cleaning and inspecting the main. Everything was made ready to begin inversion immediately once they returned. The next night, inversion began with wet-out. After wet-out, the crew wound the liner onto a spool inside the HydraLiner inversion drum. Pressurizing the drum forced the liner to spool out through the nozzle, turning itself inside out as it progressed, its epoxy resin side bonding and sealing with the existing pipe to create a continuous, jointless rehabilitated line.

Result: Work was completed on schedule and within budget. The job went so well that two more dormitories were slated for sewer rehabilitation. 800/331-6653;

City boosts productivity with versatile vacuum excavator

Problem: The terrain in the city of Montague in western Michigan provides challenges, requiring crews to travel up and down hills to clean out sewer pumps, while watching for runoff or discharges into White Lake. Challenges posed by limits of their equipment mixed with navigating difficult topography required the department to invest in equipment that could improve the productivity of daily tasks.

Solution: The city selected the Ditch Witch FX50 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator as its go-to machine for a wide range of tasks, including potholing and general cleanup duties. The FX50 can be customized for specific job site needs. Equipped with a 300-gallon tank, the lightweight excavator allows operators to easily travel through city hills and be productive on smaller job sites. The FX50 accurately excavates and locates utilities, reducing damage to waterlines.

Result: “With the FX50, we have one machine that can accurately and efficiently help us with many projects,” says Scott Beishuizen, foreman for the Montague Department of Public Works. “For the past two years, we’ve seen time savings of around 50 percent due to the efficiency and versatility of the FX50. We are operating safer and more effectively than before.” 800/654-6481;


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