Bring a versatile pull head to the job site

Bring a versatile pull head to the job site

Universal pull head from QuickConnect

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Fusing pipe in the trench is often a time- and labor-intensive process. Wet, dirty and sometimes even unsafe trench conditions make for a less-than-ideal location to fuse pipe. Regardless of the method being used to pull HDPE pipe, the QuickConnect universal pull head takes fusing out of the trench, making the operation faster and safer.

The company’s newest universal pull head brings versatility to the job site by eliminating the need for multiple pull heads to accommodate different pipe types or trenchless applications. The idea behind the efficient unit came in the field, according to Clint Baumgartner, QuickConnect product manager.

“We are trenchless contractors who are designing products for other trenchless contractors,” he says. “Whether you’re pulling HDPE pipe, PVC or multiconduits, the QuickConnect pull head will get the job done.”

There are three QuickConnect pull head products currently available: the Universal Pull Head for HDPE Pipe, Universal Pull Collar for FPVC/PVC Pipe and Universal Multipipe Puller. The QuickConnect universal pull head for HDPE pipe makes connections easier, keeps mud and drilling fluids out of the pipe, accommodates both IPS and DIPS pipe diameters and is designed to withstand forces in excess of two times max pull force, depending on product pipe.

“Whether it’s HDD, pipe bursting or any other method of pulling HDPE pipe, the QuickConnect will save contractors time — which will ultimately make their operations faster and more efficient,” Baumgartner says.

The QuickConnect Universal Pull Collar makes the connection process with FPVC or PVC fast and easy. The pull collar is designed to create a closed seal to keep drilling fluids clear of the pipe. The QuickConnect Universal Multipipe Puller Pull permits drillers to configure multiple pipes — gas, telecom and electric conduits — without needing additional cable pullers, creating convenience and timesavings on the job site.

“When you’re out doing the job every day, you’re bound to encounter new problems and challenges,” Baumgartner says. “The feedback from our customers has been really positive and has been a reflection of the reason we sought out to create the product — to save time in the installation and cleaning of the pipe, to save money by reducing the need for multiple pull heads and to increase safety by eliminating the need to fuse in the trench.”



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