Product Spotlight - February 2020

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In the vacuum excavation industry, finding efficiency means increased profits. The Vermeer XR2 vacuum excavator has found one of those efficiencies, as the vacuum excavator comes equipped with a shaker deck that separates liquids and solids, allowing contractors to stay on the job site longer, work efficiently and reduce disposal expenses.

Material excavated with the XR2 is fed through an onboard deceleration tank that exits through an air lock onto a shaker deck, where solids and liquids are then separated. The solid material is moved by conveyor toward the rear of the machine where it is discharged and can be carried away or left on the job site, depending on the material. Used slurry water is pumped into one of the four XR2 holding tanks for disposal. This concept allows contractors to carry 1,500 gallons of water to the job, work longer on the job site and reduce transport weights.

“Soft excavation methods are effective at reducing utility strikes, which have spurred the growth of the vacuum excavator market,” says Adam Bates, product manager at Vermeer. “However, DOT truck and trailer weight restrictions can impact the amount of material that crews can transport over the road, and the design of the XR2 helps teams get more hours of production.”  

The unit is capable of delivering up to 150 minutes of wand time at a rate of 10 gpm. The adjustable pressure wand has a maximum output of 3,000 psi for challenging conditions but can be dialed back when working in sensitive areas. The 6-inch-diameter hose produces up to 3,400 cfm of suction for maximized digging performance. The excavator’s 21-foot boom provides 260 degrees of swing, and the unit has a reverse flow feature to dislodge large chunks of material from the hose. All of these functions can be controlled through the unit’s fully functional remote.  

“The XR2 was developed after listening to contractors talk about the limitations associated with traditional hydroexcavators,” Bates says. “Contractors understand the soft excavation advantages of hydroexcavators, but they also felt limited by the production of many units because of weight concerns and water storage capacities.”

The XR2 has four 500-gallon liquid storage tanks designed with sloped bottoms, so slurry can be efficiently pumped out before freshwater is replenished. Freshwater and dirty-water tank levels can be viewed anytime from the control station located on the side of the hydroexcavator.


Vermeer XR2


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