Product Spotlight - May/June 2020

Product Spotlight - May/June 2020

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Checking the depth of a cut is a necessary step that excavation contractors must take to ensure their work meets design elevations. Conventional methods require sending a person into an excavation with a grade rod while another person reads the depth from a tripod-mounted level. But that process not only potentially puts an employee in harm’s way, it is also inefficient.

iDig is an innovative, economical grade checking system that enables an operator to see his excavator’s bucket position in relation to grade right from the cab. The need for personnel to manually check grades is eliminated. The system consists of four sensors, mounting plates, an LED display and a control unit. An LED light bar is positioned in the operator’s field of view. He can easily watch the movements of the bucket and simultaneously obtain visual grade information.

“The sensors are powered by solar-charged batteries, so there is no need to plug them into a 120-volt AC outlet,” says Drew Williams, Eastern U.S. territory manager for INTEQ Distributors.  The system is wireless and works by radio. “There are no cables to snag on tree limbs or other obstacles, and no connectors to keep clean,” Williams says. “iDig is a very simple and easy-to-install system that provides many benefits to excavation contractors.”

Many contractors own more than one excavator. One iDig system can be deployed on any number of excavators. Once the system is installed and calibrated on a particular model machine, the configuration is saved for future use. Swaps can be made quickly and do not require technical personnel.

“The fact that one system can be used on several different excavators is a huge cost saving for contractors,” Williams says. “We have some customers running three machines. They don’t need to purchase three separate systems to be able to accurately check grades on any of their excavators.”

According to Williams, excavation contractors using the iDig system save 30% to 40% in labor costs and nearly double their productivity.

“Safety is an important benefit of the iDig system,” Williams says. “Sending personnel into open holes and trenches to check grade is a risk in the excavation business. Working with the iDig system eliminates this risk.” 405-789-9900;


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