Product Spotlight - January 2021

Product Spotlight - January 2021

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HDPE is an increasingly popular pipe material. Advantages include a very low temperature impact resistance and a high level of chemical resistance. But the material can sometimes be difficult to adapt into the same configurations that can be found with other pipe materials. With that in mind, FactionFusion offers the Faction-Saddle — designed to make HDPE more versatile and convenient to use in the gravity sewer market.

The welded HDPE connection creates a long-term solution that is leak free, rootproof and durable, while completely manufactured in the field. According to Collins Orton, a product specialist for FactionFusion, this process makes for an extremely consistent and reliable weld. Each installed connection is vacuum tested during the process and easily verifiable by visual inspection.

“It’s a process that takes less than 15 minutes start to finish,” he says. “Not only that, the process actually lets the technician visually confirm that they have a good weld.”

The mainline pipe and Faction-Saddle are heated at the connection point to fusion temperature. The heater plate is then removed and mating portions of pipe are engaged. Melted plastic will create a seal between the mating surfaces of pipe. Vacuum pressure will be obtained from within the saddle connection by means of a vacuum pump. Vacuum pressure is obtained, causing the external forces of atmospheric pressure to be applied to the saddle in a consistent and unobstructed manner. Without fixtures or clamping devices, the saddle has the ability to equalize and adjust to the most consistent distribution of pressure. The connection is then held under constant pressure while the plastic cools and stabilizes.

Not only can the Faction-Saddle be welded at angles up to 45 degrees, but it can also be welded in smaller spaces than conventional sidewall fusion equipment. “The Faction-Saddle can conveniently be welded within excavations,” says Orton. “There is no need to dig all the way around the pipe. Just dig down to the side of the pipe where the connection is needed and fusion weld the Faction-Saddle in place.”

The Faction-Saddle is a durable, homogenous connection with zero leakage. Equally as important as the saddle itself is the internal bore of the connection, according to Orton.

“Our boring and cleanup tools have been designed to open the connection to its maximum ID while providing a smooth flow line,” he says. “Many of these connections will be very closely inspected by a CCTV camera on most projects, so we believe it’s important to install a Faction-Saddle every time.”


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